Hi, I’m Jed Fox!

Heads up! I work for Apple now.
So probably no more personal projects for the forseeable future :(
But perhaps a small part of the surprise and delight you find yourself feeling when using the Instruments app will be because of my work :)

That said, if you are using one of my projects/apps and are interested in becoming a maintainer of it, please feel free to reach out over email or any of my contact methods overdown there and we can chat

Serial project starter. Only those that made it close enough to the finish line are listed here.* Proficient in Swift, JavaScript, and TypeScript. Send me mail or an iMessage at jed@jedfox.com or DM me on Mastodon/Twitter/Keybase. My public key is available, if you would like to use it when sending me a message.

This page only lists projects I did in my free time — check out my LinkedIn to see my paid work. Check out this page to see everything I did for CS courses in college.


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